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What Keeps you up at night?


  • Financial issues as retirement draws near
  • Do I have enough to retire?
  • How long will my money last?
  • Should I roll over my 401(k)?
  • Which is best? Ordinary or Roth?
  • Should I consolidate my retirement Plans?
  • What are my 401(k) distribution options
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • Which asset to spend 1st, keep to last?

Estate Planning

  • Are my beneficiary designations correct?
  • Should I stretch my IRA?
  • Have I told my survivors my wishes?
  • Do I know what I need to know about estate and inheritance taxes?
  • Is my current plan maximizing my tax deductions to my heirs?
  • Should I set up a trust?
  • What should I do with my home at my death?
  • What is IRD?
  • Am I effectively managing my estate?
  • How can I give my money away, have enough retirement income, and still pass my assets to my children/grandchildren?
  • How do I spend the assets I have left efficiently?


  • Caring for my aging parents
  • How will I be able to help a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Being a caregiver
  • Finding the right care facility for an older relative
  • Choosing long-term care insurance
  • When do I consider a nursing home?
  • Making sense of Medicare.
  • Power of attorney issues
  • Executor and Executrix responsibilities

Education Planning

  • What will it cost me to get ready?
  • Understanding college savings options
  • 529 college planning
  • Do I qualify for financial aid for my kids?
  • What is FAFSA?
  • State or Private schools?
  • Is there a way to shelter assets?

Life Events/Family Security

  • Upcoming wedding expenses
  • What to do when a relative dies
  • New job/career – benefits review
  • 401(k) plan choices for job changes
  • Life insurance – How much is enough?
  • Divorce/Spouse death: Now you’re “on your own”
  • Grandchildren have arrives! I want to enhance their financial future
  • Disability: Who will pay my monthly bills when I can’t work?

Financial Basics

  • Organizing my financial records
  • Create a household budget
  • Reducing debt
  • Creating a simplified “big picture” plan

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