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About Us

We believe that financial planning consists of four major areas:

Investment planning

Risk Management Planning (AKA, Insurance Planning)

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

We help you coordinate all four of these areas together to help you become more efficient in reaching your goals. When you make a decision in one of these areas it will have an impact on the other three areas and most of the time it will have a negative impact in the other three areas if your plan is not well coordinated.

We believe financial planning is not how much you make but how much you keep.

We believe that if you pay a tax (or cost) you not only lose the value of that dollar but what that dollar would have earned, not only over your lifetime, but also over future generations’ lifetimes.

We believe financial planning and your investments should help you sleep more comfortably at night

We also believe that you should work like it depends on you and pray because it doesn’t.